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Welcome visitor # 23713 to the Version 3.0 of Rekuiemu previously known as 'Ruthless Killer',a shrine dedicated to Kuroro Lucifer from Hunter X Hunter.If you have any comments or suggestions,don't hesitate to contact me by signing my Guestbook or e-mail me.Thanks for dropping by my site,enjoy your stay.Navigation is on the right.

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10 July 2010 - Moved to a new domain, the URL is now changed to http://kuroro.shinsou.org. A new comment has been added to Fans Opinion II and also I've created a Formspring account, ask me anything!

25 December 2009 - Happy Christmas to everyone and Happy 4th years old to Rekuiemu! I've been re-watching Hunter X Hunter anime recently, so I guess I should update my Kuroro shrine! Added a new episode summary in Episodes Guide, updated Profile and Relationships.

26 November 2009 - Two new comments have been added in Fans Opinion II. I just realised Rekuiemu will be 4 years old soon, in December!

31 August 2009 - Another new comment has been added in Fans Opinion II.

21 March 2009 - First update in year 2009! New comment has been added in Fans Opinion II.

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