mitchan14: York New arc is starting at Hxh 2011 anime soon! Are you going to update pics and info on Kuroro?
Nelson: Hey Kaika! I've updated! ^^; See you 'round!
kaika: @mitchan14, Yay, so glad that new chapter is out again, and hopefully we will get to see Kuroro soon!^^
mitchan14: so glad chap 311 is out. chimera ant arc will probably end soon, and we'll have kuroro back. hehe. hopefully, no more hiatus in a long while...
Name: message
Name: message
kaika: Bardok,thanks for the info!guess I should read manga and rewrite the content~mitchan14,be sure to info me if Togashi sensei brings our lovely Kuroro back ne^^
mitchan14: awww...still no new updates? oh well, togashi's fault. Why doesn't he bring Kuroro back???
Bardok: Shizuku is not member number six.Check this drawing.
Lemuel: What does Chimera in hxh has to do with chimeras in full metal alchemists???hehe
Nelson: Yo affie! Good work on the new layout!
russ: die you blood sucker
Bardok: By reading the manga. Their abilities are all revealed in the Chimera Ant story arc.
kaika: hi may I ask where did you get all these information?
Bardok: Also, Feitan is transformation and wields an umbrella/sword, Bono is materialization, and Karuto is manipulation (controls paper).
kaika: oh really?thanks for telling me!^^
Bardok: FYI, Shizuku's ID # is 8, not 6. (She was shown with a 6, but it was revealed to be an 8 distorted by ink)
Nelson: Hey ya! Could we be affiliates? ^__^
mitchan_14: luv your site!!! ^_^ we need more kuroro in the internet
kaika: new tagboard!feel free to tag everyone!
kaika: testing the new tagboard!